Tsugumi Hattori (服部 つぐみ, Hattori Tsugumi) is the friend of Musashi and Kojiro Kanemaki and part of the Kanemaki Bushi alonside with them. She is aiming to become a kind Bushi who protects the weaker people just like her sister.

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Tsugumi is a beautful girl with long, green hair tied up in two ponytails. Attached to these ponytails are bells. Her usual apparel consists of a green and pink kimono with matching boots. Her weapons are worn on her arms.

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Hattori is a sweet girl who is quick to forgive. It is, however, also shown she has a fear of letting other toxic people go, and she is only able to do it when her friends helped her. It's shown she is also a good fighter. She is manipulative as she flashes for boys to change their attention to that, so she can kill them off.

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Tsugumi is shown to be a capable fighter. She was taught by Hideo Kosameda.


Hien Soryuken ( () (えん) (そう) (りゅう) (けん) ): Tsugumi's weapon what she wears on her forearms. It looks like a tonfa but with blades.

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  • Tsugumi's habit is to strip when she finds herself in serious trouble or wants to get along with somebody. It was actually advice given to her by her sister.[2]

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