Tsubame Hattori (服部 つばめ, Hattori Tsubame) was the older sister of Tsugumi Hattori. She was a Bushi of the Kosameda Bushi.

Appearance Edit

Tsubame was a slender, beautiful young lady. She had a long, turquoise hair with a lock tied up. She wore a sleevless kimono with shorts. Her weapons were worn on her forearms. She and her sister, Tsugumi are greatly resemble each other.

Personality Edit

Tsubame was a kind and strong girl who greatly loved her sister and members and vice versa. She protected Tsugumi and the folks from the rage of Hideo Kosameda by taking all the harsh scoldings by herself, hence she was submissive to him. She wanted to become a Bushi who could protect the weaker.

History Edit

Tsubame lost her life 8 years prior to the story, in Kiho Year 143 during the war against the Onis.

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Equipment Edit

She had a Kitetsuto what was worn on her forearms and looked like Tsugumi's

Trivia Edit

  • She was a strong Bushi among the Kosameda's
  • She adviced to Tsugumi if she's in a trouble or wants to get along with someone then strip down.[1]
  • Tsubame was secretly in a relationship with Hibari.[2]

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