Takeda Bushi ( (たけ) () () () (だん) , Takeda Bushidan) is the second largest Band of Bushi in Hi no Moto, however, in spite of the liberated towns and their territories, which are under their influence, they could be the biggest. Its leader is Naotora Takeda one of the Grand Generals, who are closest to unify the country.

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They have liberated many towns inculding Tatsuyama Town, the home of Musashi and Kojiro Kanemaki.

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Volume 1 Back Cover

Takeda Bushidan

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  • Blue Sky Crane Wing ( (へき) (てん) (かく) (よく) , Hekiten kakuyoku): this attack connects many members' Sword Spirit (Touki) of the Takeda Bushi. By combining their Sword Spirits they can release a more powerful attack, that can bring down even a Kishin.[1]

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  1. Orient Manga; Chapter 04

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