This page lists the story arcs of Orient.

Please note that these divisions and arc names are mostly fan-made and not official.

Tatsuyama Town Arc Edit

Tatsuyama Town Arc
Musashi and Kojiro, childhood friends and sworn Bushis, now one is a promising miner apprentice and the other is a despised Bushi descendant. Both are living in the small miner’s town, Tatsuyama, where everyone is happily worshipping the supreme deities, the Kishins, who are the kind protectors. Or at least it's the belief...
Manga Anime
Number of Chapters: 7 Number of Episodes: N/A


Kosameda Bushi Arc Edit

Kosameda Bushi Arc
Manga Anime
Number of Chapters: 10 Number of Episodes: N/A


Daito Mine Arc Edit

Awaji Island Recapture Operation Arc Edit

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