Shiro Inukai ( (いぬ) (かい) () (ろう) , Inukai Shiro) is a mysterious Bushi of an unknown group and the parner of Nanao Inusaka. He chases the Obsidian Goddess in order to achieve the strongest Kitetsuto.

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Shiro's Full Appearance

Shiro is a young, tall and muscular man with short spiky silver hair. He has golden eyes and freckles on his face.

Shiro's clothing is composed of a dark shirt and trousers with a belt and a black cloak over them. He has earrings in both ears and a big golden cross necklance and also a neck ring similarly to Nanao.

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Shiro is usually seen as a carefree, outgoing person with a playful nature. He is a huge fan of Kitetsu swords, moreover boasts them, and thats why when they are involved to a matter he becomes a completely different person. He takes off his facade and shows his true demeanor. Shiro is a smooth talker who knows what fits to certain situations and he isn't opposed to lying in order to get what he sets his eyes on, just like in the case with Musashi. During fights he shows no mercy and becomes a ruthless person who can kill many people without a wink of the eyelid. He despises the weak, who runs away from fighting while on the other hand he acknowledges those who shows bravery. Thats

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Shiro has an unknown named Kitetsuto what is a huge, man- sized long sword that he carries on his back.

  • Imibito: ha has black sword soul.

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  • His favourite meat is pheasant meat.

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