Image Policy.

Acceptable Images

  • Images related to the series and are from directly from the author, publisher or any other official source.
  • Only .gif or .png file extensions. This is standard requirement for the wiki system and many file extension types (such as .BMP) are not uploadable.

Unacceptable Images

  • Collages
  • Fanart of any form, for any reason
  • Images unrelated to Orient
  • Files in any other format other than .png,.jpg or .gif
  • Images with watermarks
    • The exception is if it is an a official watermark.
  • Images with potential spoilers until the official chapter/ volume are released.
  • Images for your profile should not be uploaded to the wiki. Please upload them to another image sharing site and import them here.
  • Nudity and any other kind of image that shows explicit scenes, even if it's from an official source, according to Wikia's Terms of Use.
  • Duplicate images.
  • Fake images.
  • Uploading images and not using them.


  • Until the chapter is released by a publicly accessible site, that chapter's information is considered to be a spoiler. Until the proper English scanlation or official Kodansha translation is released, it is simply forbidden to add any information from it (including the chapter's title), and the edits should be reverted on sight. The information, as insignificant it might seem, might ruin the fun of reading a just-released chapter for some.


Vandalism is when you deliberately mess up edits, images, or any other thing on the wiki. This is not tolerated on the wiki and could result in a punishment by the wiki Administrators.

Things Considered Vandalism

These are some things considered as vandalism:

  • Destroying previous, correct edits of editors or changing them to incorrect information.
  • Creating false information.


  • Use the template {{Ref}} since it can be easier to use.
  • Put {{References}} at the bottom of each page.

These policies are inspired by the My Hero Academia wiki policies
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