Orient (オリエント ) is a Sengoku period-themed Japanese fantasy manga written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka (Magi, Sumomomo Momomo). It's serialized in the Weekly Shonen Magazine since May 30, 2018. The individual chapters are published in tankōbon format by Kodansha.

The story was inspired by Japan's Sengoku period with it's warring states and samurais so we can come across with many familiar names from the History books through this fantasy. However it also contains many elements of the Japanese folklore stories with some modern features as well.

The story is revolving around a boy named Musashi and his friend, Kojiro, who are aiming to become the greatest Bushi ever in a world what is under the rule of Onis or demons. These mysterious creatures appeared out of nowhere 150 years prior to the story and took over the country, Hi no Moto, but Bushis with small numbers are still fighting against them to free and unify Hi no Moto. These boys have to face many adventures and hardships during their journey, including fighting against Onis, meeting with new friends and foes to be able to realize their dreams.

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  • The first volume of the manga sold 22,870 copies two days after its release. [1] It sold 29,572 copies more after for a total of 52,442 copies sold by August 26, 2018. [2]
  • The second volume sold 25,799 copies within four days of release. [3] 17,848 more copies were sold for a total of 43,647 copies sold eleven days after its release. [4]
  • The third volume sold 28,188 copies in its first week of release. [5]

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