Onis (鬼, Oni) are mysterious creatures who have taken over Hi no Moto . Bushis are fighting with them to take back the country.


150 years before the current timeline the mysterious creatures, Onis have appeared and killed every one of the famous warring states commanders then took over Hi no Moto. More than a century later humans were completely under the Oni’s control and started to worship them, praying to them or giving offerings.


Onis are feeding on crystals and metals.

  • Oni's weak point
  • Cutting an oni

Weak Point Edit

Oni's weak point is their horn, Shinkaku which is made of a really tough material. It cannot be slashed without a special weapon, called Kitetsuto. On the other hand every spot (except the Shinkaku) can be cut. When the horn is cut off the Oni dies and just Oni iron sand, Kitetsu remains.

Types Edit

Kishin Edit

Kishins are the strongest type of Onis, the boss. It is said they are grotesque with the faces of devils and the power of gods. There are more than 100 Kishins in Hi no Moto' s territory.

  • Engoku Tengu
  • Agyo-Ungyo

Small Oni Edit

Small Oni can have various forms.

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