Nanao Inusaka ( (いぬ) (さか) (なな) () , Inusaka Nanao) is a Bushi who fights alongside the Onis. She is a member of an unknown organization, who wants to capture the Obsidian Goddess.

Appearance Edit

Nanao Inusaka Full

Nanao's full appearance

Nanao is a young woman with small body built. She has middle-lenght burgundy brown hair and dark eyes.

Nanao wears a similar outfit to a shinto monk’s and also carries a staff with herself which is also her weapon. The main characteristic of her outfit is a kitsune mask and a tail, as well as their footwear that looks like a tengu geta. Nanao also wears a neck ring just like Shiro.

She casually wears a girly outfit which consits of a yukata and a huge ribbon in her hair.

Personality Edit

Nanao has a rather indifferent personality and gloomy expression. She takes the missions seriously and can be merciless on the battlefield, but wants to finish them as soon as possible, just to go home to lounge around in her room. She has also shown a slight concern towards Musashi when he was pushed into the pit by Shiro to forcefully turn him into a crystal or to lure out the Obsidian Goddess.[1]

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Staff: Nano carries a staff.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nanao is considered to be an experienced Kitetsu Sword user since she can contol her weapon well.

Kitetsu Sword Edit

Nanao's Kitetsuto

Nanao's activated Kitetsuto

Kyuubi Shichiseitō ( (きゅう) () (しち) (せい) ( とう) , Armadillo Tail Seven Bell Sword): Nanao's weapon is her staff but when it is activated the staff splits and becomes a huge seven sectioned sword which parts are tied together by Touki and is used like a whip.

  • Ressatsu Guruma ( (れっ) (さつ) (ぐるま) ): This attack makes each blade roll as a deathly wheel while she controls them separately at once. [2]

Relationships Edit

Shiro Inukai Edit

Both Nanao and Shiro are members of the same organization and frequently carry out missions together. Nanao is greatly devoted to Shiro and wants to be useful and be praised by him, so she always tries to indulge Shiro by getting some pheasant meat or by proving herself on the battlefield. Despite her efforts, she is completely aware of that Shiro is unconcered about her. Nanao is one of the few people who can tell Shiro's lies apart.

Yataro Inuda Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Nanao's staff is a Khakkhara.

References Edit

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