Kojiro Kanemaki ( (かね) (まき) () () (ろう) , Kanemaki Kojirō) is the deuteragonist of the manga, Orient. His and Musashi's goal to be the greatest Bushi ever. He is Captain of the Kanemaki Bushi.

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Kojiro is a lean young man with average height and built. He has yellow eyes and blond hair. He wears a light-colored kimono with a color-matching hakama. He always carries the sword what was given by his father.

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Kitetsuki (鬼鉄騎, Kitetsuki, Oni Iron Rider): A motorbike what he inherited from his father.

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  • Rekku Yaezakura (裂空八重桜, Sky-Rending Double Cherry Blossoms): Kojiro's first kitetsuo and his current weapon. When used with a single cut, it is able to generate many slashes.

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  • Kojiro is named after Sakaki Kojiro, a famous samurai who lived during the early Edo period.
  • He is smoking probably took up this habit from his father. Whenever he tried to quit things didn't turn out well because he became very irritated.[1]
  • One of his special skill is making ends meet. [2]

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