Kojiro Kanemaki ( (かね) (まき) () () (ろう) , Kanemaki Kojirō) is the deuteragonist of the manga Orient. He is the childhood best friend of Musashi and the captain of the Kanemaki Bushi. His and Musashi's goal is to form the greatest Bushi ever.

Appearance Edit

Kojiro is a lean young man with average height and build. He has yellow eyes and short, spiky blond hair. He initially wears a light-colored kimono with a color-matching hakama. He is always carrying around a sword which was given to him by his late father, Jisai Kanemaki.

Personality Edit

Kojiro is a kind person and cares about his friends. Since his father's death he had to take care of himself and to become viable from a very young age. His resourcefulness comes in handy during coming up with strategies in fights. He's a little competitive with Musashi and also has the tendency to compare himself with his friend that makes him doubting his own abilities and competence.

History Edit

Kojiro lived with his father in the outskirt of Tatsuyama Town. They were treated inhumanly and were constantly bullied by the villagers , who were influenced by the Oni worshippers. But one day, while Kojiro was practicing, young Musashi strolled there and was fascinated by his fencing skills. Soon after that Musashi became Kojiro's one and only friend from the town, which made him very happy.[1] After the death of Musashi's parents, the boy was invited to the Kanemaki house, where the three of them lived humbly but happily up until Jisai's execution. After that, the boys got separated and Kojiro was left alone in the old hut. Even though he had to do odd-jobs to make a living, he grew up to an independent and handy young man.

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Equipment Edit

Kitetsuki (鬼鉄騎, Kitetsuki, Oni Iron Rider): A motorbike which he inherited from his father.

Kitetsu Sword Edit

  • Rekku Yaezakura (裂空八重桜, Sky-Rending Double Cherry Blossoms): Kojiro's first Kitetsu Sword and his current weapon.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Blue Sword Soul: Blue souls are often associated with weak but multiple strikes in one action. It is said to be a common color since two out of five bushi have blue souls.

Kojiro has used it to cut apart a lesser oni with a single strike which generated multiple slashes.

Trivia Edit

  • Kojiro is named after Sakaki Kojiro, a famous samurai who lived during the early Edo period.
  • He is smoking probably took up this habit from his father. Whenever he tried to quit things didn't turn out well because he became very irritated.[2]
  • One of his special skill is making ends meet. [3]

References Edit

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