Jisai Kanemaki ( (かね) (まき) () (さい) , Kanemaki Jisai) was the father of Kojiro but he died before the beginning of the story.

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Jisai was a tall, well- built man with long hair what is tied up. He had a scar on the left side of his face. He wore a light coloured kimono and a sword on his side tied with chains. He had to use a walking stick because he lost his right leg.

His son, Kojiro greatly resembles him.

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Jisai was a kind and calm man even tough all the harshness he had to bear from the townsfolk because of his Bushi origin. He greatly loved his son and was concerned about his well- being. Jisai was proud of his ancestors and always encouraged Kojiro to be proud to be a Bushi descedant.

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  • Jisai's character is probably inspired by the real life swordsman Kanemaki Jisai, who was believed to be the master of Sasaki Kojirō
  • Jisai smoked so Kojiro probably took up this habit after him.
  • He taught Musashi and Kojiro swordsmanship.

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