Bushi (武士, Bushi) are warriors (samurai) who kept fighting angainst Oni in order to free the country, Hi no Moto from their rule.

History Edit

150 years before the current timeline the mysterious creatures, Oni have appeared and killed every one of the famous warring states commanders then took over Hi no Moto. But Bushi and their descendants have kept fighting against Oni. However as decades passed the reputation of Bushi have dropped, history have been rewritten and now Bushi’s are despised and tought to be evil monsters.

Bushi descendants are mistreated and shut out from society. As an identification they must carry swords. [1]

Bushi are usually forming a band, Bushidan to be able to fight with Oni more efficiently.

Known Bushidan Edit

Goals Edit

A Bushi 's duty is to kill the Oni. But this can be led back to a prophecy, called Unity Under Heaven (Tenka Touitsu).[2] According to that once every Oni is annihilated the divided states of Hi no Moto can be one again. And when the strongest Bushi defeats the strongest Kishin the sacred treasures will return and will be the new ruler of Hi no Moto.

Equipment Edit

  • Kaleidoscope: It is an item to see where are going to appear an Oni.
    Oni detecting Kaleidoscope

    Oni detecting Kaleidoscope

  • Kitetsuto (Oni Iron Sword): It is the weapon what is capable to kill an Oni.
  • Kitetsuki (Oni Iron Rider): It is an equipment what is used to change place, to travel.

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References Edit

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